At Faith Lutheran

Assistant MinisterAs a congregation we encourage all of our members to become actively involved in one or more of our church ministries. We promote Christ-like living, being good stewards of all of our earthly blessings including our time, talents, and treasures. Possibilities abound and the following list is certainly not all inclusive. Check our Stewardship Menu for further details.

serve as a volunteer in one of the various positions for the enhancement of Sunday morning worship.

Board of OutreachThe Board of Outreach
develops and promotes ongoing efforts of outreach in evangelism and social ministry both in the local community and the church worldwide. The board provides leadership, guidance, and education for the congregation.

The Board of Education
provides leadership and supervision for all educational programs of the congregation. They provide resources for teachers and others in the Christian faith including the study of Scripture, the Lutheran confessions, and Christian living.

DeaconsThe Board of Worship Life
provides leadership and guidance for the congregation in the areas of worship, Christian fellowship, care giving, youth ministry, and spiritual development.

The Board of Trustees
supervises the maintenance and development of the properties of the congregation.

New Member FellowshipFellowship
volunteer teams share the responsibility of hosting a fellowship hour following Sunday morning worship. Occasionally teams plan fellow events for members and families of Faith Lutheran.

serve in many capacities including office work, highway clean up, Spring/Fall clean up, teaching, bulletin boards, etc.