Pastor John Kuziej


Support Staff

MaryBeth Kozlowski
Administrative Assistant

Debbie Hock

Rhonda Buss organistRhonda Buss

Three Lakes has been my home after moving here from Abbotsford.  I’ve been a church organist for many years along with a few other music commitments.   3 children and 5 grandchildren make up my family. 2 of my children teach in the Rhinelander Middles school.  I am a registered nurse working for Aurora Community Services, providing services to adults with disabilities that live in group homes. Playing piano is my favorite pastime, along with golfing and reading.


Council / Officers / Boards

Church Council / Boards

Congregation Council
President: Marge Anderson
Vice-President: Ken Huebner
Secretary: Joanne Matthiae
Treasurer: Nora Stauner
At-Large: Robin Peterson, Linda Swanson, Sela Wick
Financial Secretary: Jan Harris

Board of Worship Life:
Rhonda Buss
Chuck Radtke
Betty Roth

Board of Outreach:
Rhonda Buss
Pat Radtke
Sue Sorg

Board of Trustees:
Dean Augustine
Larry Roth


Beth Schomisch

Beth Schomisch

I was born Elizabeth Grace Eibl on November 20, 1942 in Milwaukee. I was educated by the Milwaukee Public Schools, and graduated from Washington High. I am an alumnus of Marquette University. I taught for 29 years for MPS, and worked for their Recreation Department in the outdoor education program. Norm Schomisch and I were paired as a team in 1968, worked together over 10 years, and became good friends. We came to Three Lakes in 1983, and got involved with many local activities. We were invited to attend Faith by Tom Bredesen. Norm and I were married in 2009.