TanzaniaFor over twenty years the Northern Great Lakes Synod has been involved in a “companion synod” ministry with the Eastern and Coastal Diocese of the Evangelical Church in Tanzania. Every Evangelical Lutheran Church in America synod has a companion relationship with a Lutheran church in the developing world. All the twenty dioceses of the Tanzanian church relate to twenty synods of our Church body.

TanzaniaWell over a hundred persons from this synod have in these past two decades traveled into Tanzania to visit congregations, institutions, and people who are a part of the ministry of the eastern coastal Diocese. We have also welcomed well over a hundred Tanzanians who have traveled to our synod. It continues to be a warm, trusting, and powerful relationship. Our congregations and the synod provide financial support of Tanzanians who visit us. We also provide financial resources for some areas of Tanzanian Church life. 

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